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ISO 9001-2000
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Diaphragm Valves

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make Diaphragm valves are suitable for handling sticky and viscous fluids, slurries and highly corrosive and hazardous substances. It is needless to say that they could be used for handling air, water and  normal liquid/gas flow as well. It is the most ideal valve to handle  fluids that require high purity and  should remain free from contamination.

Diaphragm Valve having rugged design to incorporating the best material available is proved by easy, smooth and maintenance free operation for a long time. Extra heavy-duty casting affords high resistance to atmospheric corrosion. Extensively used in water treatment plants, fertilizer & petrochemical industries, chemical process units, refineries and power plants. They are suitable for positive pressure and high vacuum applications.

Diaphragm Valves are available in varied material like Cast Iron, S.G. Iron, Cast Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel of all grades, High Alloy Steels Hastelloy etc. Manufacturing range starts from 15NB through 200NB and pressure rating in ANSI 125/150#. As per the International Standards of BS, ASA, DIN ND-10/16 in a different combination of Body & Seat Material to control the Line Fluids with Zero Leakage

Air to close actuated diaphragm valve. Air to open actuated diaphragm valve, double acting actuated diaphragm valve, Double diaphragm actuated valve

High quality standards are strictly maintained, each valve being checked for size, design pressure, operation, MOC, finish etc and within house painting. Our Valves are Mfg. With various Body Elastomer Lining like Ebonite, Neoprene, Butyle, Hypalon, P. P. H.D.P.E. & P T F E with suitable lining thickness (t) for different sizes of valves. These valves can be effectively used to handle Pharmaceuticals, Foods, Dairy Products, as well as Beverages & water Treatment Plants.

Technical Specification
Size Range: 5NB – 200NB
Range : ¼” to 14”
Pressure Rating :

ANSI / BS -150#

Standard :

Generally conforming to As per BS 5156

End Connections :

flanged to ANSI B-16.1 Class 125/150 lbs, DIN-3202-F1, PN-10/PN-16 etc.

Type :

Screw Down. Fully Lined Body/ Unlined Body

Temperature Range: 20 to 180° C Pressure range
Body Lining: Neoprene/Natural/Ebonite/EPDM/P.T.F.E. (FEP/PFA)/FRP, Food Grade
Body Diaphragm: Natural Neoprene, Hyplon, Butyl, EPDM, PTFE with neo, EPDM PAD, Viton


SS 316/ SS 316 L/SS 304/ CS, Gunmetal/Alloy 20 Unlined & Lined PFA,

Operation : Manual / Pneumatic - Smooth, Easy, Low-Torque, Long life
Quality : Highest standard in Visual, Materials, Dimensional Accuracy, Operation, Leak-tightness
Testing: Each valve is 100% tested to ensure leak-tightness at Shell, Seat and Gland
Application Industries : Petrochemical, Power, Energy, Thermal, Refineries, Fertilizers, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Paper, Sugar, Drilling Rigs, Heating & Air Conditioning, Cooling, Water, Water Treatment Plants, & even in the Construction Industries for Compress Air, Water, Fuel, Oils, Gases, Slurries
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Diaphragm valves

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