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ISO 9001-2000
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Pressure Reducing Valves

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make pressure reducing valve (also termed a "Pressure Regulator") is a "Throttling" device, its function is to effect a reduction in pressure of the fluid-(Steam, Air or Gas) - passing through it. Correctly designed and installed to the user’s definite and detailed specification, the Regulator gives a constant reduced pressure irrespective of fluctuations, within reasonable limits within the inlet pressure, the incoming high pressure

There are various types of Self Actuating Type Pressure Reducing Va... upon the working Pressures, Flow Rates and Fluids.

Self Acting, Pilot & Piston operated Reducing Valves are more Pressure Reduction of STEAM in all types of industries. The Valve Spring Balance principal. The Downstream Pressure is Sense Diaphragm Which is balanced by the Spring Tension. Increasing sp... Increases Outlet Pressure and Vice Versa.


Maintains Constant Outlet pressure, irrespective of change in upstream pressure.

High Turn down Ratio. Full to % (10:1).

Very ideal for Low and Medium pressure, Steam, Gas and Air

Variety of Spring Range For better Down Stream Pressure Control

Technical Specification
Range : ½” to 4”
Pressure Rating :

ANSI / BS - 150#, 300#

Design : Self Regulating, Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valves

Standard :

Designed and manufactured to conform API/BS/DIN STANDARD

End Connections :

Screwed, Flanged, Screwed Ends to BSP / BSPT/ NPT (F) Socket Weld Ends to ANSI

Usage : Medium & Low Pressure

Temperature Range:

20 to 180° C Pressure range


SS 316/ SS 316 L/SS 304/ CS or any special material

Operation : Manual / Pneumatic - Smooth, Easy, Low-Torque, Long life
Quality : Highest standard in Visual, Materials, Dimensional Accuracy, Operation, Leak-tightness
Testing: Each valve is 100% tested to ensure leak-tightness at Shell, Seat and Gland
Application Industries : Petrochemical, Power, Energy, Thermal, Refineries, Fertilizers, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Water, Steam industries
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